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Visa Change Packages

We provide dedicated visa change services which is quick, easy and convenient for our customers. Based on your situation our tour experts will suggest you a perfect visa change package.

UAE Inside Country Visa Services In Dubai

Is it time to change your tourist visa but you aren’t willing to fly home? Now apply for your same day visa change procedure without exiting the country and get it done without traveling to your home country.

If you plan stay longer in Dubai, UAE then 90 days Visa Change Inside the Country is the best option for you. Disha Global Tours provides the fastest 90 Days Visa Change Package at cheapest price and minimal documents.

Note: Visa Change Prices may depend upon different nationalities.

Recent Immigration Updates On Inside Country UAE Visa Renewal

In country visa became a most popular visa extension option for UAE tourists stuck in UAE after corona virus. Firstly, Dubai immigration facilitated this visa during early march and mid of July Abu Dhabi and Sharjah immigrations also resumed issuance of inside visas with status change from old entry visa UID to a new visa UID number.

Mostly, on-arrival nationals who used to do Oman visa run, A2A visa and same extension via Amer services / ICA before, had to search for a way to continue their stay legally using a visa extension method without accumulating overstay fines. In country visa change became the solution with simple steps procedure.

Even though UAE inside visa option always availed even before 2018, it was reserved only for tourists/visitors got hospitalized in UAE, pregnant women with tourist visas in UAE or travelers with special conditions and reasons. Additionally, at that time UAE visit visa renewal with status change inside UAE was a very costly procedure and required more documents, various certificates and the traveler’s original passport for the immigration authorities to go ahead with the process unlike today.

2020 with the emerge of corona raise the need of visa change while be in UAE without having going out UAE to clear the previous visa expiry.

The recent years before 2018 tourists visiting UAE weren’t allowed for ordinary tourists / visitors to apply for any type of United Arab Emirates visit visa renewal inside the country but could extend their visas in a different way.

Because of that UAE tourist visa holders had to book an Airport to Airport visa exchange package to any of the neighboring countries like Oman or Bahrain, get the exit stamp, wait until the new visa is processed and enter UAE again.

Although this process is not that tedious and only takes a maximum of 24 hours, the UAE immigration department has decided to make their visa extension procedures even more flexible for the masses of tourist entering UAE by introducing the Inside country Abu Dhabi visa and the Inside country Dubai visa.