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UAE Tourist Visa

Expatriates living in UAE who want to bring their family members and friends for a visit or travelers visiting UAE can now get in touch with Dubai Oasis Travel & Tourism

Especially even after the covid19 pandemic our team adhere to assist you with applying new tourist visas to travel to UAE cities same as before without hustle.

UAE tourist visa services detail information

What are the new visit visa rules in UAE 2021 – post COVID pandemic?

Since daily we are getting heaps of inquiries on UAE visit visas as COVID impacted travel plans of many tourist worldwide, hope article will help to find the most accurate updates on visa regulations in UAE

  • 2020 March – UAE immigration department decided to temporary stop issuing tourist and visit visa and even some those who got their visas who planned to fly after 17th March couldn’t come to UAE as visas been automatically cancelled.

  • At the end July 2020, Dubai immigration re-opened issuing tourist visas to tourists and visitors under certain conditions

  • The visas which are been automatically cancelled are been re-activated and given chance to fly to Dubai/ Sharjah using same visa

  • Same as previous years in 2020 ,till 15th September Dubai tourist visa applicants allowed to enjoy free visa for their kids when the tourist visas re-opened

  • Indian passport holders who has valid USA Visa allows to enter UAE on 14 days on-arrival visa

  • Carrying negative PCR test at-least 69 hours validity when arriving UAE airport is mandatory

  • To arrive Abu Dhabi airport as a tourist, Abu Dhabi immigration issued tourist/ visit visa is mandatory

  • Quarantine rule applicable in UAE in Abu Dhabi for every visitor since September 2020 for 14 days at home / in a hotel

  • Certain national passport holders must present at the Dubai airport their return ticket and hotel reservation / 600 USD cash to grant entry to UAE

  • From 2018 onwards:

    • The Abu Dhabi immigration provides transit visa services for a cheaper price as compared to other emirates.- temporary unavailable due to COVID19

    • Travelers applying for a pre-arrival UAE visit visa between June and September can get their children’s visa free of charge from the UAE immigration department.

    • Inside country visa renewal made the visitor’s visa extension much easier without worrying about any overstay exit out of UAE

  • Individuals from countries eligible for an on-arrival visa to UAE can get their visas stamped in any of the UAE entry ports (airports, seaport or land border checkpoints) without any cost. Depending on the nationality, individuals will receive a 30-day or 90-day on arrival visa.

    New visa rules in UAE 2018 for Indian passport holders with valid EU resident visa, UK resident visa and USA visa are also eligible for a 14-day UAE on-arrival visa.

    This UAE visit visa rule in 2019 also continues as the same till the next update. Some rumors say that Dubai immigration department hoping to open On-arrival visas for all Indian passport holders which means Indians will no need pre-applied Dubai visa. But still this hasn’t been confirmed by any relevant UAE authorities and still all Indians has to apply visit visa to arrive UAE.

  • The CIA has become the main visa processing entity which allows many public services related to UAE visa in Abu Dhabi

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